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        Does my purchase at The TCMU Store go to support The Children's Museum of the Upstate? 

        • Yes it does! When you shop at The TCMU Store, you are supporting a non-profit. Every penny we make goes back into The Children's Museum of the Upstate, so we can support the community with scholarships for those in need. 

        Do I need to pay admission to pick up my order? 

        • You do not. You can park in the bus lane in front of the museum and call The TCMU Store directly at 864-553-7937 for curbside delivery.

        Where is TCMU Store located

        • The TCMU Store is located just inside the main entrance of the TCMU-Greenville museum at 300 College Street, Greenville, SC 29601.

        Where should I park? 

        • Please park in the bus lane or in the Heritage Green parking lot TCMU shares with the Greenville Library. You can read more about parking here.

        Can I shop in the TCMU Store without playing at the museum

        • Absolutely! The TCMU Store is open to the public! Come in and shop anytime during the museum's open hours.

        When is the museum open? 

        • Please refer to www.tcmupstate.org to see TCMU hours and special holiday calendar. If the museum is closed for a holiday, store pick up will not be available.  

        Can I shop and pick up my order at TCMU-Spartanburg

        • This is an online store for the TCMU-Greenville location only. The TCMU-Spartanburg museum currently has an in-store shopping experience only. 

        When do I know my order is ready for pick up

        • You will receive an email or a text message confirming your order, and another when your order is ready for pick up. Please note that The TCMU Store will hold your order for pick up for 48 hours.

        How long does it take for my order to be ready for pick up

        • When the museum is open, your order should be ready for pick up within 2-4 hours. Please refer to museum hours and special holiday calendar.  

        Can I pick up my purchase the same day I order it?

        • Yes, once you have completed your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and time of pick up. Orders will be ready within 2-4 hours. Orders must be picked up within 30 minutes prior to museum closing time.

        Is pick up your only option? Do you offer delivery options

        • We offer standard and expedited delivery options as well. Domestic shipping is only available for us at the moment.

        Will I receive a confirmation email

        • Yes – you will receive a receipt confirming your order, and another when your order is ready for pick up. If you did not receive a confirmation e-mail, please check your spam first. For all other inquiries, please contact us at tcmustore@tcmupstate.org

        Who should I contact with questions about my order

        What is your return policy? 

        • The TCMU Store does not accept returns or exchanges unless the item purchased is defective. If you receive a defective item, please contact us within 30 days of your purchase at 864-553-7937 or email us at tcmustore@tcmupstate.org with details of the product and the defect.

          Is there a minimum order amount?

          • The TCMU Store has a $20 minimum order policy.

            Can I make a donation to the museum with my order

            • Yes! After placing all your products in your cart, there is a donation option at the bottom of the page. Please select the desired amount. Donation will be added to your total amount due. 

              Do TCMU Members receive a discount?

              • Yes, museum members receive a 15% discount with code MEMBER15, which can be applied at checkout. Member details will be verified. 

              Can I purchase a Membership or make a donation online

              • Yes, you can purchase a membership for you or as a gift here. You or your gift recipient will immediately be eligible for a 15% member discount. You may also make a donation to the museum here. 

              What payment methods are accepted?

              • The TCMU Store accepts all major credit cards as well as Apple Pay, Elo, Google Pay, JCB Paypal, Shop Pay, Venmo. 

              What is TCMU's product safety policy?

              • The Children’s Museum of the Upstate maintains its commitment to the highest quality and safety for the products we sell.  We require that all manufacturers and distributors from whom we purchase children's products attest to meeting the proper US government safety testing standards for products made worldwide.  Items that we purchase and items produced under our supervision, we also require that all manufacturers and distributors follow product safety, care, and age labeling guidelines for children's products as established by the US government.